Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angel In Disguise

Some black women who are part of the "anything but a black American man" chorus have the ability to cleverly hide their racism against black males. Usually these women just focus on the "DBR" types so they have a lot of "fuel" for their hatred. But every now and then a sociopathic black woman will show her true colors and how she really feels about ALL black men.

Clutch mag is an online magazine for YUPPIE black women. It's decent, but a bit to obsessed with materialism in my opinion. Ads for fake hair, shoes and beauty products are everywhere and frankly that's just not my cup of tea. Black soap and shea butter are really all I need. But I digress...

In a recent article on rapper Jay-Z and his song about the abuse of auto-tune in hip-hop, one "educated" black woman decided to use the forum as an outlet to bash Jay-Z and black men in general. Her name is "Goldangel":
"and folks should be listening to a former drug dealer by the name of sean carter aka jay z exactly why, again?

needs to go sit his ugly ass down somewhere."

Hmmm, she seems to know a lot about Jay-Z despite her belief that he should be ignored. It is not COMMON KNOWLEDGE that Jay-Z's name is Sean Carter. Ask anyone who is not a rap fan what Jay-Z's real name is. I bet you they don't know. This girl is a Jay-Z fan or had been at one point.

The Angel is rightfully labeled a "hater" by a male poster which of course sets her off:

When I have a son he will never be ANYTHING like Jay Z and, if I had a daughter, I wouldn’t let her ANYWHERE near the likes of him if only for the fact that I wouldn’t want to chance having an ugly granddaughter. But this thing of clapping and celebrating when a murderer like OJ gets acquitted; calling R. Kelly’s teenaged victim “fast” or a “ho” then continuing to put money in Kelly’s pocket by purchasing his CDs or attending his concerts and sitting back while BET and the NAACP nominates him for awards; and, now, hailing Jay Z? Ridiculousness!

She has now called him ugly twice. The article was not about his looks or labeling him a sex symbol. His looks have nothing to do with anything yet she felt the need to call him ugly again. Then she leaps into the "black people only support murderers, drug dealers and pedophiles" spiel. Clucking hens love to say this over and over as if they are telling us something new for the first time. OJ was acquitted by a predominantly black female jury but he did have both black men and women supporting HIS ACQUITTAL. I don't think any black person willingly supports murderers. Some folks got caught up in the SYMBOLIC NATURE of his acquittal. Black lives have meant nothing to white folks for centuries and those two white lives meant nothing to us in this ONE instance. No one was celebrating the fact that OJ murdered two people (and most of us knew he murdered those people, LOL).

The R. Kelly gripe is also old and tired and geared towards the wrong audience. Most of Kelly's supporters have always been black women. I went to an R. Kelly concert years ago and there were women of all races there and only a handful of men. His audience has ALWAYS been female which is why he has made attempts to cross over to more of a male audience by singing on rap hooks and doing the collaborations with Jay-Z. So "Goldenangel" needs to redirect her anger at those black women in Chicago who picketed his trial. Those women are not reading an online magazine - they are on myspace posting their ass shots. She is "preaching to the choir" but that is what Clucking Hens like to do.

If people are going to continue to big up, congratulate and forgive black American men for the trifling shit they do then support, finance, sex, baby or love on them (those who do the community the most detrimental harm), then they may as well support, finance, sex, baby and love on white dudes in the Ku Klux Klan.

Remember this post is about Jay-Z, not about trifling black men but of course a black male face automatically triggers the "DBR" alarm in these nutcases. I also loves the language she uses which she has lifted DIRECTLY from those same "harmful" black men. "Big up" is a term that originated in hip hop. Like most of the Clucking Hens, the Angel is filled with anger and rage and obsessed with black men. "They" have wronged her somehow, somewhere. I also love how the "trfiling shit" black men do is equal to the mass carnage committed by the most racist and violent organization to ever exist within the United States. Notice that she also didn't mention any actual "trfiling shit", I think just being a black male who is not perfect = trifling shit.
A few years ago Jay Z signed on to do that Best of Both Worlds tour with R. Kelly after the tape and news of his vile abuse of young girls was well known. REPEAT: JAY Z SIGNED ON TO TOUR WITH A PEDOPHILE, so I hope Beyonce never gets pregnant with one child by this ugly opportunistic fucker, let alone pregnant with a female child, as I’d question that type of judgment and both he and she will have some serious explaining, backtracking, lying, excusing and fudging the truth to do if their future children were to ask serious questions.
Again, she knows a lot about a man she is so repulsed by. Later in the comments she is bitch- slapped, I mean corrected, by another commenter but the comment still stands. Look at her illogical statements - seriously, look at them. And once again she mentions how ugly she find Jay-Z.
Did Jigga even graduate high school? Does he have a certificate from a trade school? College degree? No to all 3! Yes, he may be a ‘successful businessman’ NOW. Yes, he may have gone on to throw a couple of million at the effort to bring clean water to certain parts of Africa (hell, gotta ‘tax shelter’ some of those millions somehow), but Jay Z once shot his own brother over some piddly jewelry and was once popped on gun charges, arrested for allegedly stabbing somebody etc.
Ohhhh boy, here we go. He did not receive a traditional education so he is an idiot, loser who can offer nothing to the world. Clucking Hens use education to demonstrate why black women are superior. Nevermind the fact that MOST black people male and female do not have college degrees. And of those who do have degrees, many did not receive them from institutions that whites are impressed by. The "network" for blacks with degrees is ridiculously small anyway. But they just like to toss out the fact that black men aren't getting educated at the same rate they are blah blah blah. Another poster points out that Jay has repeatedly made amends for his past and his brother has forgiven him. Of course that doesn't matter to a Clucking Hen because black men can never be redeemed (DBR, remember?).
Jay Z ain’t no “Moses” or “savior” nor does Oprah owe him “a favor” [terms from the opening article] and why does society or successful females always gotta be owing black men something? Are they perpetual children in need of everybody’s neverending care, money, support and attention?
This is something she wrote in response to another poster. Do you see how she has taken up the banner for ALL "successful" females.








Not just black men but ANYONE who is not like them.

Clucking Hens always claim that black men "use" black women and "beg" for their support. They never give credence to those black women who simply WANT to support. To them, those women MUST be brainwashed and stupid and if they would just "get away" from the DBRs they would see that they have been tricked into everything. The DBR women tend to support the DBR men - if that results in LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of black women supporting DBR men then that means that LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of black women are also "DBR", right?
Well, I am not American, ain’t a “black woman”, and I’m a mixed chick, so what do I care? Tall, good-looking or “pretty”, intelligent, built and monied men are par and a must (I’m married to one) but maybe Jay Z would be, like, 1/8th less ugly to me were he not a former drug dealer, shooter and stabber who’d spit such disrespect for his own race of females. Of course Beyonce is free to do as she pleases and I could feel her had she got with a Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Zac Efron, Wentworth Miller, Justin Timberlake or even Robert De Niro (were any of them single) but I DO NOT and NEVER WILL see what she sees in an ape thug negro like Jay Z. Got that?!

So now we get to the root of the Angel's rant. She is a "mixed" chick and not American! Wow, she sure is obssessed with American pop culture and slang and celebrities! She then rattles off her laundry list of qualifications for a man (but happens to be married - LOL). I don't even need to dissect this because it speaks for itself. "Goldenangel" is not a mixed chick from overseas. She is an American black woman with DEEP self-hatred and anger. I called her out on her racism and she called me a "chickenhead". Not only is she American, she is probably from a lower class community. She is an angry, bitter STRIVER. Further evidence:

I agree! It won’t be retired because it will be needed to describe wimpy punk ass males who ride Jay Z’s nutsack like fairies and - when they get angry, all else fails and they can’t control a situation – like to call females out their names! That’s the ticket but thank you, Clnmike, for displaying a prime example of why I never dated black American men, don’t find the majority of them attractive, and look forward to the day the lot of em are all locked up for life in a maximum security prison on a remote island somewhere.
She then said she was joking. Riiiiight.

And there you have it, folks. This is the mindset of many African American (or biracial foreign) women in 2009. They are angry at their "mirror image" for not holding them in high enough esteem for whites. They can't do it on their own, obviously, because whites have their own opinions about black women SEPARATE from their opinions about black men. They are angry with you for not giving them everything that white women have and for "forcing" them to go out and get it on their own.


  1. That's a good write up. Apparently the folks over at Clutch found her comments out of line, since there's no sign of any of her posts past the original.

    It's amazing to me that these women are so obsessed about a group of men they supposedly care nothing about, but go out of their way to make to make disparaging comments about. maybe one day they'll wake up and smell what they're shoveling. It seems as if their was this one person in their life that has totally put them through the ringer and now every black male in America is a problem for her. Which is silly. Has she met every black man in America? Now I'm just rambling. Anyway, good post, looking forward to reading more.

  2. Great post. I got in an argument with a bunch of women at another blog. Oh my Goodness you wouldn't then again you could imagine the things they called me. It's ridiculous.