Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Halle Berry, She So Fine & Crazy

Poor.Wittle. Halle. Berry

The penultimate tragic mulatto. The woman so gorgeous that blacks hate her and whites hate her, too. Her life has been so. hard. My tiny violin has popped it strings after all the playing I have done for Halle. Berry.

On "Sara's" blog - "Interracial Love and Spice!!" - she decided to foolishly make"sense" out of Halle Berry's recent tongue down at the Guy's Choice Awards. I tried to post a comment but was DENIED because I don't kiss white man booty.

Anyway, Sara and her minions seems to think that Halle was trying to apologize for her relationship with unemployed model Gabriel Aubrey. In their warped minds, Halle is so desperate to regain the favor of black men, she kissed Jamie Foxx and grabbed his penis on national television. Sara's logic is so backwards and her black male paranoia is at an all time high:
"but I've seen this behavior demonstrated by many sistas. They'll be happily involved with a non-bm and feel the need to hide, or downplay it. This is esp true when there are multiple bm around, or if they feel that they are under watch."

Let's play doctor and dissect this for a quick second. Sara claims to know "many" sistas in interracial relationships. We all know the stats and we all can see with our eyes how few BW are dating interracially. Perhaps where Sara lives (LA LA LAND) there are many BW with WM. I think there aren't and she is just "reaching" to make a point. The IR evangelicals love to "reach".

Second, she assumes that these women are "happily involved" SOLELY because they are with non-black men. Of course a black woman would be "happy" - she is with that almighty paycheck, I mean, white guy.
"You cannot expect a man to be proud to be with you, while you are demonstrating shame, or embarrassment in being with him. Would you let him get away with that mess??"
OIC. When a black woman is dating a white man, her behavior and lack of commitment can cause that white man to not be proud of her. But when a black woman is dating a BLACK man, her behavior should not matter because a black man should just treat her the way she is supposed to be treated!

Now she weeps for the oppressed:
Here is a very beautiful woman who has been through alot.

What exactly is "a lot" and compared to whom exactly?

"We all know she was married to a man (Justice ) who just one day up and said, that he no longer wished to be married to her. Then of course we all know her second husband (Bonet) was a gold digger and a womanizer who cheated on her with anything that moved and sued her for an outrageous amount of money during the divorce."

LOL @ the venom she has for Halle's ex black husbands.

Halle (in a pathetic attempt to snag a "balla") proposed marriage to David Justice. He was a rising star in baseball and she had a lukewarm acting career. They were married for five years and lived in Georgia because he played for the Braves. She was trying to cement a film career so she spent most of her time in Los Angeles or on location. They both were traveling a lot and admitted that it was impossible to have a normal, functioning marriage. When they announced their divorce in 1996, the couple's spokesperson did not reveal who filed for divorce. So the idea that he "up and left" her is just speculation. She also filed a restraining order against him, alleging he was harassing her despite numerous teammates saying that she was the one stalking him. While they were married they both got tattoos of each other's names on their person - "Halle" was on his arm and "David" was on her rear end. She also said that she contemplated suicide after their marriage ended - clearly she was deeply in love with him.

As far as Eric Benet goes, he had more of a career when they married than Gabriel has now. He had already released two hit albums and his smash "Spend My Life With You" with Tamia had already made him a household name in the R&B world. He was a songwriter so he had numerous credits to his name. Benet had also been through "a lot" including the death of the mother of his child in a car accident. He took a job driving a truck for UPS and took on the single father role and put his singing career on hold. Halle's relationship with Eric brought her back "into the fold". He sang to her at an awards show, he talked about how she was the inspiration for some of his new material, basically he was the good "public" face for her. Not to mention the fact that he stood by her after she hit another human being with her car and fled the scene. He was with her when her public image was at an ALL TIME LOW. He was with her when she had sex with another man on screen to win an Oscar. He stood by her through A LOT. And what did she do in return? LIED ON HIM REPEATEDLY and cut off contact with his daughter whom she had adopted.

Did he admit to cheating on her? Yes. Did he cheat on her as much as she claims he did? No. He also did not try to "sue her for every dime she had" and has said on numerous occasions that he never asked for any money from her. Here's what HE told the New York Post in 2006:

"If she said that, that I cheated on her 27 times, then she is simply lying. Straight out, that's a lie and a gross, gross exaggeration of what happened in our marriage. I've admitted my indiscretion and apologised and took responsibility. I think maybe it's time for Halle to take some responsibility, instead of constantly casting herself in this victim mode and implying her commitment to our marriage was without flaw."
Sounds like Halle Berry subscribes to the black female supremacist victim ideology. It didn't hurt her case that Benet was a black male - you know who white folks love to believe all a black man wants to do is stick his thing in everything. SMH. Oh, I forgot to mention that Halle and Eric sued Star magazine after they wrote a piece about their marriage being in shambles. She WILLINGLY participated in defending her broken marriage. She wanted GOOD publicity from a BAD union. But she is just the wittle victim in all this. Puh-lease.

Now let's get back to Jamie Foxx and the kiss seen around the internet. According to Sara and ilk, Jamie is "revolting". Now, I happen to not find Jamie Foxx attractive but that doesn't make him revolting. My guess is he is revolting because he acts really, really "black" to them. You know how they hate folks who "act black". I also think they hate Jamie because he is cool and funny and has no shortage of women (white,black, etc) interested in him. They don't understnad how or why any woman would wnat to be anywhere near him because he acts so....BLACK! Anyway, Jamie is known to "act a fool" so to speak. He started out in comedy and has a hilarious radio show currently on Sirius. He likes to party and likes taking pictures with attractive young women. Some folks think he is a closet homosexual but I don't. And even if he is, I don't care! But Sara and Co. think he is just "so gross!!" Ewwwww. So of course they were DEVASTATED when their princess Halle made out with him and he grabbed her butt. "She didn't really want to do that" or she felt "pressure" from black men is all they could come up with

Halle has a history of pathetic public stunts to garner press and attention. Bearing her ta-tas in that horrible movie with John Travolta and then going on MTV and exclaiming she got paid "$250,000 per t*t!" This is her M-O.

Had she made out with Brad Pitt on stage the clucking hens would have called it a victory for ALL black women EVERYWHERE. Instead it is a DEFEAT for their movement. Black girls are supposed to be BETTER OFF once they date white - not whoring themselves out to some thug at a bootleg awards show. She confirms what most of us already know - she is BORED AS HELL with that wooden boy toy.

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  1. God she looks horrible in that first pic! Anyways very good post!