Monday, June 29, 2009

Even Black Girls Get "Yellow Fever"

Michael Jackson is dead, Bernie Madoff gets 150 years in prison and a Clucking Hen admits to preferring non-black women over her own.

The more things change....

Anyway, over at Black Women Find a White Man by Any Means Necessary, Evia pretty much acknowledges why white men prefer Asian women when they are sick of the monstrous white women they created:

Well sorry, but even I see a typical Asian woman as more feminine than a typical AA woman because I don't ever hear about Asian women trying to "save alla our people," (like men) or worrying about what's going to happen to the other Asians (like a man should do) if they marry up. I see Asian women behaving like typical women who are considered feminine. I see Asian women behaving the way many ww, Hw, and AA men behave, who look out for themselves without trying to carry their whole community on their backs. They're mating and marrying whoever they feel will lift them up without giving anyone else a backwards glance. If anyone should perform this role among AAs, it should be AA men in the majority.

So if SHE can see why WHITE men would prefer Asian women - why can't she see why SOME BLACK MEN have decided that MANY African-American women would not make suitable wives. She says that Asian women are more feminine IN DEMEANOR which is EXACTLY what black men have been saying about many nonblack women for YEARS. But apparently this is only an acceptable excuse for the white man. Black men should have to tolerate any and all attitude and over-bearing behavior from a black woman.

There are a bunch of reasons for some of wm-aw unions. I'll mention SOME of them. First of all, wm don't engage in monolithic thought about this. With SOME of those white guys, it is about the fact that there will be less social resistance if they marry Asian rather than a bw, but for some of others them, they would have just as readily married a bw except, honestly, you know and I know that some AA women are a real headache when it comes to IR dating, loving, and marrying wm.

AA Women can also be a real headache when it comes to dating, loving and marrying BLACK men too. But that's not a good enough excuse for you self-hating negroes. How dare you want peace and comfort and support from a black woman. WHY ARE YOU SUCKING THEM DRY??!!

I run into this myself when I'm talking to AA women about the IR option sometimes offline. There's just too much hesitation, hand-wringing and drama! This is why more wm are now pursuing young African women here, instead. They don't have to deal with all of that racial angst and drama from A-Z as some have to do when they date African American women.

First of all, many young, African women are dating/marrying other young, African men. They are NOT looking for a white knight because they BELIEVE in the true inherent qualities of the men from their race/culture. They absolutely feel like it is their DUTY to maintain strong ties to their culture and produce children that will look like them. African women are incredibly loyal to their men. Evia is living in a dream world. Wasn't she allegedly married to a Nigerian man? She shouldknow all about African women.

A typical man of any race just wants to meet a smiling, willing woman, have a low-stress relationship, have a woman to appreciate him, get married, have somebody to hug at night, have babies, and live happily ever after. LOL!

This is what AA men want tpo and when they can't find it in an AA woman are they supposed to just be alone? Why is it inconceivable that it is JUST as hard for a black man to find a "good" BW as it is for a BW to find a "good" BM?

There's just too much drama about racial issues in SOME of these situations, and too many AA women are constantly broadcasting how pissed off they are about this and that. That's STRIFE!! Who, in their right minds, wants that type of strife in their life?

Again, this is the SAME stuff black men have been saying for DECADES. Most AA women do not know how to properly address their hurt/frustrations/sadness and they feel that being angry, combative, etc is the only emotion they know how to express. So now Evia is telling them to change this for white men but not for black men?

I wrote an essay entitled "ANGER IS FOR LOSERS." I pointed out in that essay that NO ONE cares whether an AA woman is angry. AA women don't blow up buildings, planes, or cruise ships, and won't even stop spending or giving away their money. AA women simply self-destruct. They implode. So why would anyone care whether an AA woman is angry??

Clearly her white savior hasn't cared for centuries. Black men STOPPED caring once black women decided to make him the sole source for her anger. She is angry that her looks are considered ugly by whites, her body is distorted an unattractive according to whites, her personality is too "overbearing" when in white company, etc etc etc. All this anger reached a fever pitch once black women started "outpacing" black men. White men simply replaced one masculine entity with another because they do not really see black women as being feminine in general. Look at all the "good jobs" many black women have today - masculine jobs like security guards, mail carriers, corrections officers, etc.

I will do a post later on the "masculinization" of black women via certain industries.

But anyway, Evia hates black women as much as she claims black men do. She should try to hide it better if she wants us to buy her books.


  1. Once again you showed that Evia is an idiot.

  2. So now Evia is telling them to change this for white men but not for black men?

    Exactly. And she has the nerve to refer to others as "mammies". She needs to look in the mirror and see the real mammy.

  3. I am beginning to feel sorry for Evia. I think she may be suffering deeply as people who have lost all touch with reality usually do.

    It appears that she doesn't have someone in her personal life to tell her to cut the bullshit.

    Of course she could just be pretending to be crazy and is getting a kick out of all of this.

    Pretty sad either way.