Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's All About Me, Always

Pearl Jr. is some kind of author/comedienne/film reviewer/social commentator or whatever. I came across this gem after someone posted it in Queens' comment section. Pearl seems to think that the world owes black women husbands and "propaganda" films like Lakeview Terrace are making it even harder for them to snag one.

For those too lazy to click, I'll throw you some gems to bait you:

"This film has some nerve..."

"We have put up with black men with nonblack women like Frederick Douglas, Jack Johnson..."

"Fifty percent of black men making over $100,000 a year are with nonblack women..."

"She [Kerry Washington] is with a nice white boy.."

"How come in movies it's OK for black men to be with nonblack women"

"Black women are the least married, the least likely to get married, more than often the single momma....too many of our kids don't have fathers..."

"We 'spose to stay single as black women and not have nobody..."

"This movie is supposed to scare white boys from liking black women..."

"We need MEEEEEEEEN in the race"

"I guess they're letting them know that we not supposed to take white men, only black men are supposed to go leaving the community..."

"All we got in the community is sistas and babies..."

Now, Pearl is right in her assessment that Lakeview Terrace was propaganda, but not that type she is alleging. Like a lot of Clucking Hens she can't see past her own venom against black men who date out to make an accurate assessment. This film was made to highlight the growing fear of "reverse racism". Sam Jackson is a black man with authority (a cop) who has the real chance at wreaking havoc on a white man. Now, the black woman was tossed into the mix to quelch the knee-jerk "this film is some racist bullshit" that they knew would come. If Sam Jackson was terrorizing an all white couple the film would have looked very different. The black woman was "used" to "soften" the film's message. Once again, the white man used the black woman and the Clucking Hens saw it as PROOF that black men would rather kill them than see them date a white man.

It was no accident that the film starred Kerry Washington as she has been publicly ridiculed at the time for her relationship with a white man. She had spoken about it in Essence magazine, I believe. I am sure she had personal attachment to the film's storyline and the Clucking Hen crowd probably wet their pants when they saw the previews.

The film was a bomb at the box office because women were absolutely uninterested and white men had no desire to go see their greatest fear come to life.

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  1. I'm sorry, Black men aren't up in arms when Black women date/marry white men. It's white men and the white community that are up in arms with such relationships. That movie paints a false picture of racism.