Thursday, July 16, 2009

Live it. Learn it. Love it,

Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage - Theatrical Trailer from Tyler New Media on Vimeo.

I have decided to elevate this blog and leave the sellouts, clucking hens and miserable beings alone. Their hatred of themselves and black men doesn't hurt me in anyway nor should it hurt you. Let's let them be. Let them drown and flounder in their own pool of craziness. Let them continue to lead desperate women down a path of loneliness and isolation.

I plan to focus more on promoting healthy and positive relationships between black men and black women. Why devote time and energy to embarrassing women who clearly are not embarrassed? My mama taught me that my time is very valuable and so is yours.

We can really learn something from the "Something Old is New" movement and its dismantling. We can learn what NOT to do and how NOT to do it. We can learn that a community that is broken needs ALL HANDS ON DECK to fix and for those who want to "divest" and never look back, we bid you adieu. If you hang around "the negrosphere" a lot you can see that even online, black people don't really agree on how to "save" the collective. Many of the BW empowerment bloggers are facing internal strife. They will not be able to hold it together much longer. They all want to be the alpha female and be the "voice". The in-fighting has become public. Alliances that once seemed strong seem very weak now. Folks are PUBLICLY putting people on blast. The "professional" women are clasing with the baby mama's. The baby mama's don't like to be disrespected. They work hard to raise children alone and they want support. But the "professional" women think supporting them means they are advocating Keyshia get pregnant at 13. SMH.

For those of us who realize that much of the problems in the black community come down to perceptions, half truths and biased coverage we have a lot of work to do. This doesn't mean sacrificing one's own happiness or being a mule - it simply means being PRESENT and being an EXAMPLE. Remaining POSITIVE and maintaining an image of decency and self-respect despite what others (even those who look like us) think we should do.

I want you guys to check out a new documentary from the wonderful folks over at Black and Married with Kids. Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage.

I have a lot of material coming up. My husband is going to be out of town for work for like six days next so I will be bored with nothing to do but be on the internet, LOL.


  1. I know what you are talking about! I said the same thing on my own blog. Let them suffer in their own sorrow. There is other things we can focus on.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. When I visit a blog I try and read a few post to see where the authors head is. Some of these blogs (unfortunately a n umber of these are from so called feminist BW) are completely negative and one sided. If you don't; see things their way you are a misogynist.
    I went to one blog and read a post that said "WARNING Ladies: Being a Jerk is the Male Default Setting!" is that how you promote healthy open dialog as I looked through the rest of the blog it was filed with negative feminist ranting. There's nothing wrong with being a feminist just turn down the rhetoric and open you mind to others.
    I believe that many of these negative, angry bloggers are still working out whatever issues they have in life and are using the blogosphere as a sounding board.
    Just my .02