Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black American Female Victim Ideology - Part 1

Let's face it, the Black Women Empowerment movement is nothing without the black American female victim ideology. If African American women are not victims of black male oppression and hatred, then we really have nothing to discuss. After years of blaming white people for the social, political and financial failings of African Americans post civil rights, black women are now trying to distance themselves from the black community by turning on the community and the only other members in it (the men). Without black men, there would be no excuse for the 70% out-of-wedlock birthrate, the low birthrate among married black women, the high STD rate, the $5 net-worth, and so on. In order for all these things to be explained, there must be some culprit(s) that has enslaved the black American woman mentally, physically, sexually and socially. Otherwise she's just a lazy, shiftless, promiscous, moralless, irresponsible woman, right?

For part 1 of this post I am going to discuss a few of the main tenets of BAFVI and show how these often baseless claims are what drives most black women's entitlement, selfishness and narcissism.

Tenet 1: "Black women have been the backbone of the community. We are the ones who do all of the "work" to keep the community afloat."

Ok, let's see. Having babies to keep the numbers of born African Americans above 6% (which is where we'd be if we had an OOW birthrate closer to whites) is not "work". The only absolute proof of the "work" black women have done is the birthrate of fully black children. Every other stat or number actually shows that black women are not only doing less "work" than women of other races, they are doing far less "work" than their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Black kids are fatter, dumber and more socially volatile than EVER. Each of these areas is controlled by the MOTHER. Women feed, educate and nurture.

What other work could they possibly be talking about? Let's move on to tenet 2.

Tenet 2: "Black women are the main financial and social resource in the black community."

Let's look at the institutions within the black community to get a clearer picture:

The black church - most African American churches have predominate or sole black memberships. The majority of the members of black churches are older black men and women. Most black churches provide community programs that directly benefit black women and their children. Day camps, schools, housing, food programs, toy drives, etc. These resources that the churches provide are funded primarily BY black women FOR other black women. Women by nature are social creatures. We also like to help people and try and provide safe, nurturing places for young people. The fact that black women are being chastised for doing this just goes to show how far away from normal, basic FEMININE BEHAVIOR black women have gotten. Now all the church ladies are being called mammies because they are trying to help Tamika's kids. In most functioning communities women are the ones that do that kind of work. We are the ones that volunteer, take in wayward kids, raise money for schools, etc. Perhaps some of these older black women feel guilty about how they lived their life and are using their work in the church to redeem themselves. Some of these women were "out there" back in the day. Just because a woman is old and sitting in a church pew doesn't mean she has spent her whole life on the up and up. There are a lot of women using the church to "wash their dirty drawls" and start over. But the pastor is supposed to help you find a man? The church is supposed to be where you can go and "clean up" and find a good, god-fearing man after you done let half of Harlem run up in you? Oh, ok. You're mad the pastor and male members are pimping you because they can sense a "ho in disguise"? Oh, ok.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities - I tried to google the giving patterns of HBCU alum but couldn't really find anything substantial. Statiscally, giving at HBCU's is lower than at white colleges and universities. This could be because HBCUs have lower graduation rates (with the exception of the "elite" HBCU's), smaller fundraising staff with limited resources and/or blacks aren't earning as much as whites post-graduation. Either way, blacks are not giving as much to the schools that helped them succeed and that is a tragedy. Black students need alum to give back. Anyway, most HBCU's receive some state funding but also receive a ton of money for their atheltic programs via ticket sales, corporate sponsorships and broadcast fees. Who is more likely to participate in athletics as a player in college? Black men's athelticism is a huge benefit to HBCU's as well as white colleges. While black women often dismiss black athletes it is those athletes that have helped many colleges and universities earn money. So now you can run around bragging about your little English degree thanks in part to Tyrone's jump shot.

Black businesses - The most durable black business is the black barber shop. We have already seen how black women are abadoning their black hairdresses to get "Dominican blowouts" and other styles. We have seen black women abandon their black hairdressers who for years were helping us grow our hair in healthy way for a quick fix (a pack of fake hair and some glue). I have yet to read an article on black men going to Latino men to get their haircuts. Most black men have and will always have black barbers. Other businesses like bookstores and clothing stores are supported mainly by women but that is how it is in ALL communities. Women shop! The majority of customers at bookstores and apparel stores are women. Again, black women want a cookie for things that other women don't even think twice about. When was the last time a white woman said "Barnes & Noble owes everything to us, we demand reciprocity!!" SMH.

The entitled nature of modern black women is part of the reason why many remain unmarried. It's very ironic that black women are shouting from the rooftops that there are no black men around who are willing to protect and provide for a black woman yet these same women have no problem micromanaging the behavior of the black male collective. This is just ass backwards. You want men to "step up" yet it has to be on your female terms? What man in his right mind wants to have to go through an "approval panel" before he picks his wife?

Black women feel that if they can create the illusion that a black man's resources came from them (and continue to come from them), then outsiders will think black men are ungrateful and have "abandoned" the women that made them who they are. Nevermind all the "ain't shit" black men out there who were also created by black women. They want to ignore those and only focus on the ones who are successful and have something to offer. See how they pick and choose which men are the result of their matriarchy? Successful black men are the result of legions of dark-skinned, wide-nosed black women toiling hard day and night for them while Pookie and Ray Ray are the result of an absent father.

There is no way modern black women can keep claiming they "love the brothers" when that "love" is so obviously conditional AND you are willing to scapegoat black men to form a racial alliance with white men. An alliance that is designed to decrease well-heeled black men's desirability thus making them more accessible to average black women.

In Part 2 I will discuss the following tenets:

"Black women are outpacing black men in all areas of life"

"Black men crave white flesh"

"Black men use black women for sex"


  1. Brilliant post!

    I will reference this in future posts. I never looked at it from that perspective.

    There is really nothing left to say.

    Mr Laurelton Queens

  2. First of all, this is a really great thorough post.
    Though I'm not sure about this point...

    "Every other stat or number actually shows that black women are not only doing less "work" than women of other races, they are doing far less "work" than their grandmothers and great-grandmothers."

    This may be true, but you also need to consider that most of the households were traditional back then--as in having the women who stayed at home and a husband who went out and worked. Men provided the resources, and women used them to care for and nurture the children.

  3. @Kayjina

    I would agree with you but black women have always worked outside the home. Even when we were married in high numbers, most black women still did some type of work outside the home.

    But I do agree that married black women of the past had many more resources, either financial or social, to help with child rearing. Which is why I find it deplorable that so-called BWE bloggers advocate for black women to "cut off" help to their own family simply because a black man has not married them.

    Again, it's all about revenge. I didn't get what I want (a successful, educated black man to marry) therefore the black community is dead and undeserving of my efforts.

    Also, white women entered the work force in droves in the 1970's and 1980's and we have not seen the dramatic decrease in quality of life for white children. Again, I am not talking about monetary possessions but basic human needs of children. Black women are not meeting them. Black women have the ability to replace the resources of husbands with government programs yet their children are still failing. Not having a husband is no excuse especially when you made the choice to have a child without one.

  4. "Not having a husband is no excuse especially when you made the choice to have a child without one."

    Yes I definitely agree w/ you here. Back then women used to have higher expectations for themselves and their mate, and reflected this in how they carried themselves.

  5. RASHIDA!!! I have Missed you!!! =] This was an excellent post! I too am SOO sick of the whole "Woe is me" going on. How can we say we are strong women but playing the blame game on our shortcomings. Also as somebody who is about to graduate from an HBCU in the Spring I agree Alumni are NOT giving back like they should. I go to FAMU so alot of the school outside income comes from not just the football program but also performances by the 100 (School Band). Some would say it's because of the degrees they are getting aren't worth the amount of debt they get in etc. Personally when I get myself establish I want to start a scholarship fund etc for my school. Anyways happy new years and excellent points.

  6. Rashida said over at Mr Laurelton Queens:

    don't get me started on all the black college girls that get pregnant and have to drop out. Now you got a baby by a security guard and no degree. Now you are MAD AS HELL. Then you see those corny guys looking much better and they are cheesing it up with a light skinned girl or white girl. OH NO HE DIDN'T! How dare he think he's too good for my black ass with my baby and spare tire and entitled attitude.

    15 years later you stumble upon Evia's blog and now you're trying to lose the spare tire and grow out your perm so you can date a white man.

    Menelik says:

    this is precisely why the BWE/IR crew give you such a wide berth: you provide an historical context to their misery leading right back to their collective behaviour in school, college, the home, and they hate you for it!

    Better to target sister Kigali whose message is equally as accurate but whose language provokes much retaliation and deflection from the 'angels of misery' masquerading as innocent martyrs. The fact is they are purveyors of their own misery via unchallenged matriarchy, and female entitlement.

    Your cool, clinical stance is far to rational for attitudinal Black women to contend with so they pretend you don't exist. They treat Bro Rocky in roughly the same way!

  7. Rashida! I didn't know that you had blogged recently. Welcome back. Great article.

  8. Sister Rashida,

    just located this website about "saving" sons from single-parent mothers:

    Hope you find it of interest.

    Menelik Charles
    London UK

  9. @Rashida

    Happy New Year girl. I was over at Andrew's and I noticed you have a new post. Sorry for the late response.

    My husband loves sports so he watches a lot of those ESPN documentaries which are excellent. I recommend them to every sports lover.

    There was one episode talking about a university in Michigan which had an All Star football team. While these men who off the field, they were robbing their dorm mates and selling drugs on the side because they couldnt work, (because of sports) and they werent getting shit from the university to help them with their personal needs- food, clothes, help with their children back home.

    One of the players mentioned that while they were playing, there were new buildings going up in and around the school. These black men were paying for those new buildings. The few black men on college campuses are making the schools millions and millions EVERY SINGLE YEAR. The fact is, schools all over the country would lose out if black men stopped going to university. They will try EVERYTHING, even take in an illiterate so long as he can contribute to their athletic program.

    "The gap between schools doing well, and those not doing well has grown. The largest reported amount of revenue generated by an athletics program was US$138.5 million - nearly three times the median of US$45.9 million. The top-spending programme reportedly spent US$127.6 million in annual expenses, with a similarly sized gap from the median."

    Now granted sports programs are expensive in and of themselves and only the top tier schools USC, Duke, University of Texas, Florida etc can generate these huge sums of money but that is a ton of money.


  10. Menelik

    I guess I do nee to tone down my rhetoric. Its a new year and all that. However my screen name has developed such a reputation there isnt much I can do save changing it completely.

  11. @Rashida

    "Otherwise she's just a lazy, shiftless, promiscous, moralless, irresponsible woman, right?"

    Only when she has failed to interest a white man.